Eye Exams

Laser_Surgery_OpthamologistOur doctors and staff take immense pride in delivering an extremely thorough evaluation of your eyes. During the course of your exam, we will evaluate a number of things—the determination of your spectacle or contact lens refraction being just one of them. We will ask you about your visual needs as they relate to your occupation or hobbies. We can then perform the appropriate testing that allows us to advise you which lens options will best satisfy those needs. Just as importantly, we will perform a comprehensive check of the health of your eyes, including evaluation for cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Were you aware that high blood pressure can cause changes inside your eyes? By dilating your pupils we can fully examine the health of your retina to screen for those changes related to hypertension or diabetes, amongst many other things.

List of Services

Comprehensive eye exams for glasses, eye-teaming and focusing, and evaluating external and internal eye health. Our doctors routinely provide solutions for patients with computer vision problems and eyes that are tired, strained, itchy, red, dry, light-sensitive, burning, or painful.

Comprehensive eye exams for contact lens-wearers, to ensure that the lenses worn are appropriate for optimal vision, comfort, and eye health. The contact lens prescription, eye-teaming and focusing, and internal and external eye health are also evaluated.

Contact lens fitting and follow-up with corneal and tear film evaluation. Our doctors prescribe the most advanced types of soft and rigid contact lenses including specialty designs for dry eyes, changing eye color, astigmatism, presbyopia (bifocal and monovision), irregular corneas (post-corneal transplant, post-refractive surgery, keratoconus, scarred corneas), and theatrical and prosthetic uses

Problem-focused exams for eye emergencies including eye pain, “pink” eye, “flashes and floaters”, and sudden vision loss. Our doctors are certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease, and prescribe appropriate topical and oral medications. They also perform therapeutic procedures such as foreign body removal, epilation, punctal occlusion, and punctal dilation and irrigation.

Refractive surgery and cataract pre and post-operative care Independent evaluations are available for patients desiring to know if they are a good candidate for refractive surgery, including LASIK, PRK, LTK, Intacs, or SRP. We work with several of Cincinnati’s top refractive and cataract surgeons.

Refractive surgery complications management and second opinions for patients experiencing less-than-optimal vision after LASIK, PRK, Intacs, incisional keratotomy, LTK, or other procedures.

Glaucoma Evaluation & Treatment We are committed to providing state of the art glaucoma care to our patients. Toward that end, the recent purchase of the GDX-VCC scanning laser will help find glaucoma up to five years before a patient has detectable vision loss. We are one the first practices in Cincinnati to incorporate this new technology into our practice, and it is an invaluable tool for early glaucoma detection.